Mrs. Maura Crawford, Principal
  •  From The Desk of Mrs. Maura Crawford, Principal of St. James the Apostle School

    I am so proud to introduce myself to you as the Principal of St. James the Apostle School.  I have been a student and/or educator in the Catholic School system for the past 45 years.  I attended St. Gabriel School in Riverdale, NY from Kindergarten to 8th Grade.  I graduated from Sacred Heart High School in Yonkers, NY and received my Masters from the College of New Rochelle.  Upon graduation from college, I returned to St. Gabriel to teach.  Teaching in the elementary school where I myself had been taught was somewhat awkward at first, as many of my teachers were still there, and I may have spent some time in detention. Their love and support, in those early stages of my career, helped to make me the educator I am today.  

    In my twenty year tenure at St. James, I have taught every grade level (K-8) in some capacity.  I have also supervised and interacted with students outside of the classroom as the Director of the Children’s Liturgy, Co-Director of Student Council, and as Co-Moderator of the St. James News and Views Team. I am so very proud of my students and how they prove, year after year, to show love of others, as God intends. I have also served my school and community by being a member of the St. James Education Council and the St. James Pastoral Council.  However, nothing makes me more proud than to serve my parish as an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist.

    I would like to think my leadership style is, and will be, quite simple.  I try to lead by example, as the great leaders of our church have always done.  I believe only true and authentic Christians can affect change and inspire others to the faith.  Throughout my 45 years in the Archdiocese, I have been blessed to have been taught by and have worked with many such people.  I also rely on the example and teachings of great saints and the evangelists to guide my actions and lead me in the way of truth.

    I believe I am ready to transition from the classroom, and complete my Catholic School career as your next principal. I will work tirelessly to inspire students, faculty, parents, and parishioners, to work for academic excellence and for the continued mission of Catholic Education.  Thank you, in advance, for your prayers for me and for the future of our beautiful school.  

    About Us

    The minute anyone walks through our doors there is no doubt that you have entered a Catholic School.  Our school has retained the look and feel of a Catholic School since we first opened the doors in 1954.  There is an unmistakable sense that time has slowed down and the rapid pace in which we find ourselves in the world today has somehow not fully affected us, allowing for our children to stay children for a bit longer.

    First contact is made through an interaction with our office staff, Mrs. Joanne Mascia and Mrs. Rose Moffatt, both of whom have been professionally associated with the school for over 20 years but more importantly have had a personal investment as parents of students in our school. Their experience as both school parents and employees allows for a unique perspective because in essence they have “walked the walk”.

    Our staff is one in which there is a great depth of dedication.  These men and women have made a lifetime commitment to Saint James the Apostle School.  As you walk through our halls you will encounter a staff that possesses a unique skill set that reaches beyond the academic norm found in other schools.  It is our ability to share values that help our children to grow into compassionate, responsible, grace-filled young men and women.  We can and do take that step beyond curriculum, homework and testing.   In partnership with our school parents we work together to ensure that our young Catholic men and women ready to enter the world with the kind of faith that will help them to weather anything that comes their way.  All of this occurs in the midst of an academic program that serves and meets every child allowing them to excel in all that they do.

    As you enter our classrooms one will encounter children who have been given the gift of learning and growing in an environment that allows them to stay children a bit longer, mature a little more slowly and enjoy the things that we too quickly find our young people leaving behind.  This is a unique world which leaves room for each of our children to grow academically but do so as we did when life was a bit simpler.

    Saint James the Apostle School is more than a place where academics live and where children have the opportunity to excel.  We are a school family and it is our privilege to not only nourish the mind but to feed the hearts and souls of every child who crosses our threshold.  A Catholic education is a gift like none other and we are proud to be able to offer this unique experience to children everywhere.